7/1/12 FDNM Eagles Given Hard Drubbing

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Midnight Sun Game
Fairbanks Daily News-Miner and Tanana Tribune
Fairbanks, Alaska
Monday, July 1, 1912
Tenth Year–Number 104
Whole Number 2851


1912 Midnight Sun Game Lineups

The fans at Exposition Park yesterday afternoon were much disappointed at the class of ball, for the Van Dycks were such easy victors as to rob the match of interest.

Buckley opened for the Eagles and was pounded over the field for 10 funs. He was replaced by Leonberger, who pitched very good ball. For the Eagles, Conway, the recent arrival, who caught during the midnight game, was back in his proper position, first base, which he held down to perfection. Douse was also in his old place behind the bat.

For the Van Dycks, McDonough opened the game and pitched for seven innings, Stroecker going in at the last. The receiving end of the Van Dyck battery was Jesse Myers.

There is some talk of dividing the players on the two teams up so that the nines will be more evenly matched, and thus make the game more interesting when the teams meet on the Fourth of July.

The lineup was as follows:

Eagles — Leonberger, p; Douse, c; Conway, 1b; McMullen, 2b; Geis, ss; Buckley, 3b; Hamilton, rf; Goodman, cf; Ricker, lf.

Van Dycks — Stroecker and McDonough, p; Myer and Stroecker, c; Koon, 1b; Wagner, 2b; Wood, ss; Bennett, 3b; Myers and McDonough, lf; Corruthers, cf; Taylor, rf.

Score by innings:
Eagles       —   1 0 0 0 0 2 0 4 3 0
Van Dycks —   1  0 0 0 1 0 0 2 0 4

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